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Knitting Technical Progress into Existing Machines

Upgrade your machine

Our development department is constantly busy devising new approaches and improving existing technologies. On average, we apply for five new patents a year

 To benefit from our ingenuity and experience you do not always need to have the latest Mayer & Cie. model. That is just as it should be. After all, the majority of your machines have their well-deserved place in your machine park. That is why we offer upgrade packages for our standard models to boost output, improve reliability or reduce downtimes. As for time, our ready-to-use, model-specific spare parts packages can also save you a whole lot of time and ease pressure on your nerves. Plus, all your purchases in upgrade kits are credited to your status in our customer retention program my.loyaltyclub.

In a nutshell, the upgrade packages enable you to benefit from our technical progress for your existing machines. They provide you with an opportunity to further extend and secure the strong points of your circular knitting machine.


In our webshop,  you will be able to order spare parts, consumables and upgrade kits comfortably and without limited business hours.

The advantages of the upgrade packages in brief:

upgrade selection


Swing box plaiting device

Plaiting the fabric with the Mayer & Cie. folding device combined with our swing box is sensible for tubular fabrics made of delicate or elastomeric yarns.

A good match: Folding device and special take down

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