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Braid technical progress into existing machines

An upgrade for your braider

Have you worked for years, or maybe even decades, with Mayer & Cie. braiders that you very much value? With our upgrade kits you can secure and extend this successful relationship.

An upgrade enables you to benefit from our ingenuity and experience without needing to invest in a new Mayer & Cie. braiding machine. We at Mayer & Cie. are, after all, constantly working to improve existing technologies. On average we apply for five new patents a year. Via our update kits you can braid this progress into you high-pressure hoses. And you can also be sure that you can continue to rely on your braider a long time to come. We will continue to supply the right spare parts for your rejuvenated machine.

Benefits of the Upgrade Kits in brief:

In a nutshell, with our upgrade kits you and your existing machines can benefit from our technical progress. You have an opportunity to secure and extend the strengths of your braiding machine.

Overview of Upgrade Kits