SENSO BLUE RS – Machine-integrated lubrication and oil recycling system

Save up to
50 percent

needle oil

A straight-forward way to reduce operating costs of your circular knitting machine

A major contribution to sustainable production.


Your benefits

Existing machines can be equipped with Senso Blue RS, Mayer & Cie.‘s machine-integrated lubrication and needle oil recycling system. Oil is applied optimally in terms of quantity and area. Used oil is collected, filtered and returned to the system.

Senso Blue RS features spray and injection nozzles across various sections of the knitting head for a controlled, spot-on oil input at needles and sinkers. Lubricating actions are speed-dependent. Oil feeding is regulated automatically.

The speed dependent lubrication control system reduces needle oil consumption by up to 20 percent. Combined with a recylcling rate of up to 40 percent, the total oil consumption can be reduced by up to 50 percent - compared to presently available lubrication systems.

Optimized lubrication.

Easy to use.

Low operating costs

Available for

All Mayer & Cie. machines can be equipped with Senso Blue RS.

Your Investment

Machines built in 2014 and later:
2,990.00 Euro

Machines built before 2014 need to be upated to the latest machine control system. Price will be quoted based on detailed analysis of required parts.

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