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Convert your S4-3.2 II into an SF4-3.2 III

Excellent value for money

Make your single jersey star fit for producing 3-thread fleece.

Meet today‘s demand in light-weight 3-thread fleece within just a few steps.

Your benefits

Make a well-established and appreciated single
jersey expert even more valuable: With the upgrade kit
you can remodel your solid S4-3.2 II into a „hot topic“
– a machine for light-weight and elastic 3-thread fleece,
the specialty of the highly productive SF4-3.2 III.

It boasts perfect plating of both the binding and ground
thread. The fabric produced on an SF4-3.2 III caters for
applications in outer wear, leisure wear and sports wear.

Your benefits for SF4-3.2 III

The SF4-3.2 III produces 3-thread fleece. It is an ideal partner for efficiently knitting athleisure – i.e. a combination of sports and leisure wear – as well as outer wear. Further distinguishing characteristics of the machine are:

Available for

The conversion kit fits S4-3.2 II models.

Your Investment

To convert S4-3.2 II into SF4-3.2 III (only available for gauge E20-E24 and anti-clockwise turning direction¹).

The conversion kit "Basic"

Including cylinder cam box, sinker cam box, yarn guide, needles and sinkers².

Cylinder 30″ EUR 13,600.00
Cylinder 32″ EUR 14,000,00
Cylinder 34″ EUR 14.400,00

Extension 1

1 set of cylinder/ sinker ring in gauge E20 additionally.

Cylinder 30″ EUR 3,300.00
Cylinder 32″ EUR 3,500,00
Cylinder 34″ EUR 3,450,00

Extension 2

1 set of cylinder/sinker ring in gauge E22 additionally.

Cylinder 30″ EUR 3,400.00
Cylinder 32″ EUR 3,600,00
Cylinder 34″ EUR 3,500,00

Extension 3

1 set of cylinder/sinker ring in gauge E24 additionally.

Cylinder 30″ EUR 3,450.00
Cylinder 32″ EUR 3,650,00
Cylinder 34″ EUR 3,550,00

¹ For S4 machines running in clockwise direction please ask for individual quotation.

² Additonally one set of positioning gauges per knitting mill is required for Eur 600.00.

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