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Convert your MV4 3.2 II into an MBF 3.2

Compatible with
MV4-3.2 II models
in 30“, 32“ and 34“

Meet today‘s demand
in 3-thread fleece combined with single jersey structures

Popular single jersey machine becomes specialist for 3-thread fleece.

Your benefits

With comfy home wear becoming ever more popular,
3-thread fleece fabrics are the order of the day.
The MBF 3.2 perfectly caters for this demand.

It knits 3-thread fleece both seperately as well as in combination with single jersey structures like gouffre, piqué and mesh. It offers perfect plating of binding and
ground yarn. Its double sinker guidance makes the
MBF 3.2 highly efficient reaching speeds of up to 33 rpm with 30“.

With the upgrade kit, an existing MV4-3.2 II easily becomes your MBF 3.2.

Your benefits for MBF-3.2

The MBF 3.2 is an ideally suited machine for efficiently producing home wear and leisure wear. Its double sinker guidance makes the MBF 3.2 highly effi cient. The fleece yarn may come in nearly unlimited thickness since it is not positioned in the needle hook.
Further distinguishing characteristics of the machine are:

Available for

the conversion kit fi ts MV4 3.2 II models in diameters of 30“, 32“ and 34“ in gauges E16 to E24

Your Investment

Conversion kit „Basic“

Including cylinder cam box, sinker cam box, yarn guide, needles and sinkers².

Cylinder 30″ EUR 18,600.00
Cylinder 32″ EUR 19,100,00
Cylinder 34″ EUR 19.600,00

Extension 1

1 set of cylinder / sinker ring in gauge E16 to E24 additionally.

Cylinder 30″ EUR 2,800.00
Cylinder 32″ EUR 3,000,00
Cylinder 34″ EUR 2,800,00

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