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Better braiding

Braiders from Mayer & Cie.

The high-pressure hoses you manufacture on our machines withstand every element. They have to; few areas of modern life function without them. In industrial production, on construction sites or in agriculture they are ever-present. And when working conditions become inhospitable, such as at sea or underground, the safety of man and machine can depend on a reinforced high-pressure hose.



Three arguments in favour of a Mayer braider

Our braiders work precisely. The carrier is the machine’s core component. The wire or yarn tension is set and controlled and the yarn or wire is guided optimally via the carrier.

Our braiders run smoothly thanks to an integrated lubricating system that makes them low-maintenance.

The motors of our braiders function like a well-rehearsed orchestra: every deck runs at the right rev count and the pull-off caterpillar is synchronised.

Choose your model

Choose your model

Are you on the lookout for the right machine for a special use or do you already have a braid pattern in mind? Then you are in the right place. Our Product Finder will enable you to go straight to the machines that are best suited for your requirements.

Our machines at a glance

Are you not yet sure which machine is just right for you and would you appreciate an overview? Go for it. You can be sure to find the right model in our product catalogue.

Upgrade offers for your braider

Can you benefit from technical progress with existing machines? Yes you can, easily. Find out more about our upgrades and how they can ensure your braiding machine’s long-term performance.



Braiders from Mayer & Cie. Braidtech are failsafe and reliable in production. Yet it is still good to know that competent service is never far away.

Spare parts service

From a prompt spare part delivery to competent advice, the Mayer & Cie. spare parts service provides whatever you happen to need – and does so swiftly and reliably.


A braider line is as individual as the requirements of the customer who uses it. We have the expertise and the experience to design a braider line to match your requirements precisely.