S4-3.2 R II

A fine and economic solution for single jersey striped fabrics

With up to four needle tracks the S4-3.2 R II knits single jersey structures like piqué and double piqué, two-thread fleece, plain single jersey and much more. Using the programmable striper function it can produce an extraordinarily wide range of knitted fabrics. 

The S4-3.2 R II comes in three versions of one machine type. It can be converted from 3.2 feeders and three-colour striping to 1.6 feeders with six-colour striping (Mayer & Cie. patent) to single jersey with 3.2 feeders. This flexibility is always combined with high productivity. 

The S4 3.2 R II works with needles and sinkers of various manufacturers worldwide. That makes it affordable and reduces running costs. 

The S4 3.2 R II allows knitters to produce both striped fabrics as well as single jersey structures without stripes. So no matter what the knitter is looking for, the S4 3.2 R II knits it all: fabrics for polo shirts, babies‘ and children‘s outerwear, t-shirts, sports and leisurewear as well as underwear and nightwear. That makes the S4 3.2 R II a machine that is always in season.

Technical features:

Single jersey

Single-Jersey Plain & Structures

Sports & leisure


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 34″
Machine gauges [E]: 16 – 28
No. of feeders: 48 at 38″
Speed up to [rpm]: 22 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 660

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