A DJ universalist featuring transfer technology for hole patterns and SJ/DJ combinations

Combinations is the magic word when it comes to the OVJA 1.6  ET. Thanks to the transfer technology that this machine features, the OVJA 1.6 ET knits single and double jersey combinations as well as hole patterns and rib transfers.

Utmost precision is why Mayer & Cie. can produce cylinders with stitch verges in-house. Mayer & Cie. equips its transfer machines with these cylinders. Thanks to transfer needle and stitch verge collaborating so closely, the OVJA 1.6 ET easily combines double and single jersey structures. It takes just a few quick moves and an optional conversion kit to turn the OVJA 1.6 ET into a full jacquard machine. As such, it knits an even bigger variety of structures, including spacer, needle plush and double face with and without lay-in yarn. To make full use of the manifold options, structure changes need to be swift. The slider cam technology in the dial coupled with electronic single needle selection in the cylinder makes sure this is the case.

So on this machine almost anything goes: outerwear, underwear, sportswear, homewear and footwear too.

Further arguments in the OVJA 1.6 ET’s favour are its outstanding reliability along with first-rate user friendliness. Not to forget the enormous variety of structures it can produce.

Technical features:

Double Jersey

Electronic Jacquard

Sports & leisure
Underwear & nightwear
Home textiles
Shoe upper


Diameter [inch]: 30″ – 34″
Machine gauges [E]: 14 – 18
No. of feeders: 48 at 38″
Speed up to [rpm]: 20 rpm at 38″
Speed factor (SF): 600

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