Interrib 4-1.6 R QC

Universal answer to any needs in the production of striped double jersey fabrics

he InterRib 4-1.6 R QC is a highly versatile double jersey machine furnished with a programmable striping equipment for up to six colours. Offering up to four needle tracks, it produces double jersey structures like interlock and rib with gauges ranging from E13 to E28. Double face without lay-in yarn thread is another one of this machine‘s specialities. And remember: All of these fabrics may be had with stripes, too.

The machine‘s four needle tracks all feature slider cams making it easy to move the cams into the different positions knit, tuck and miss-knit. That’s why changing from one style to another takes up a third to a fourth of the time usually required for this process. A central stitch butt stands for a constantly high fabric quality. When using needles with needle butts related to the cam tracks, there may be variations in tolerance, which are detrimental to the fabric quality. With just one single needle butt for standardised stitch length, such variations are eliminated. On top, the stitch butt is subject to less wear as it takes responsibility for needle stitch length only. For needle selection, there is a central pattern butt. The InterRib 4-1.6 R QC features a fifth needle track for dependable colour changes. In collaboration with the other four needle tracks, it forms the basis for a maximum variety of structures. Dial segments for the dial make sure knitters have the choice between striped fabrics and standard double jersey without colour stripes.

A machine as universal as the InterRib 4-1.6 R QC finds its place wherever fabrics for outerwear, sports and leisurewear or underwear are desired.

Technical features:

Double Jersey

Fine rib / structures
Interlock / structures

Sports & leisure


Diameter [inch]: 30″ – 34″
Machine gauges [E]: 14– 28
No. of feeders: 48 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 20 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 600

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