S4-3.2 II

A model of flexibility and productivity

The S4 3.2 II knits single jersey structures such as piqué and double piqué with up to 4 needle tracks. Its repertoire also includes 2-end fleece, plain single jersey and fine gauges of up to E44.

The S4 3.2 II works with needles and sinkers of various manufacturers worldwide. That makes it affordable and reduces running costs.

Thanks to a special yarn guide the single jersey machine can provide triple plating for every feeder. 3-end fleece is a further option because the machine can be quickly converted to the 3-thread fleece fabric structure.

It is thereby suitable for the production of sports-, leisure, under-, night- and outerwear as well as home textiles.

A perfect loop structure ensures outstanding fabric quality – and the S4 3.2 II sets standards from China and India to South America

Technical features:

Single jersey

Body size
Fine Gauge
Single-Jersey Plain & Structures

Sports & leisure
Underwear & nightwear


Diameter [inch]: 15″ – 38″
Machine gauges [E]: 16 – 44
No. of feeders: 96 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 39 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 1170

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