Relanit 1.6 ER

Blaze of colour by the dozen – when full jacquard meets relative technology

Striping combined with intarsia imitations, mesh and latch-opener for cast-off patterns
– this is what the Relanit 1.6 ER has in store for you. That is besides being a full electronic jacquard machine with all respective functionalities. The Relanit 1.6 ER‘s colour striping limit is 12. Or should we say double the standard? Both is correct, because the Relanit 1.6 ER smoothly combines two stripers and knits stripes in up to 12 colours. All of this you get with the Relanit machines’ well-known productivity, by the way.

Besides being an expert in striping, the Relanit 1.6 ER features an intarsia kit, which allows an easy switchover to an additional patterning possibility. To make sure you can optimally handle intarsia fabric, the Relanit 1.6 ER is equipped with a multi-function take down (MFT). Depending on the intarsia pattern structure, you can take down the fabric either path-, pattern- or force-controlled. 

With the Relanit 1.6 ER almost anything goes. Fabrics for swimwear to sports- and leisurewear as well as under- and nightwear. Or outerwear fabrics, if you prefer your stripes or intarsia patterns to be in the spotlight.

Technical features:

Single jersey

Electronic Jacquard

Sports & leisure
Underwear & nightwear


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 34″
Machine gauges [E]: 16 – 28
No. of feeders:48 at 38″
Speed up to [rpm]: 22 rpm at 38″
Speed factor (SF): 660

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