MV 4-3.2 II

Number one choice for all single-knit structures from coarse to super fine

Mayer & Cie.‘s MV 4-3.2 II is an exceptionally flexible knitting machine producing single jersey fabrics with up to four needle tracks. That includes piqué and double-piqué, twothread-fleece, single jersey plain and many more. All of these structures may be knitted in gauges from E14 up to E60.

Highest quality of even super fine gauges partly stems from the machine‘s diagonal stitch cam. Central stitch length adjustment including synchronous positioning of the yarn guide also play their part in continuosly producing best quality fabrics. So does temperature control with which the machine is equipped, a feature offered exclusively by Mayer & Cie. Thanks to the sophisticated yarn guide, triple plating is made possible in two variants per system.

There are few areas for which the highly versatile MV4-3.2 II is not suitable: Be it for automotive, producing substrates for laminated fabrics or for night- and underwear, this machine is the right choice. Just as for producing swimwear, sports- and leisurewear and outerwear.

In all those areas of application, MV 4-3.2 II has convinced customers for many years.

Technical features:

Single jersey

Fine Gauge
Single-Jersey Plain & Structures

Sports & leisure
Underwear & nightwear


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 48″
Machine gauges [E]: 14 – 60
No. of feeders: 96 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 25 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 990

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