MPU 1.6

User-friendly specialist for high-quality single jersey plush

You name your single jersey structure and the MPU 1.6 knits it. Its possibilities range from plush and terry cloth to polar fleece. All of this the MPU 1.6 produces on up to four needle tracks and, if desired, with elastomeric yarns, too.

The MPU 1.6 features double sinker guidance across two sinker butts. That lets you profit from longer sinker lifetimes as well as even plush loops. Your operating costs, particularly for cams, will be a pleasant surprise. As the MPU 1.6 works with a central pattern butt, fewer cams are installed in this machine – which means fewer cams in need of maintenance. A central stitch length butt in the cylinder cam box stands for reliable fabric quality.

When thinking of fabrics made on the MPU 1.6, just remember how it feels to snuggle up in your Nicki home wear or your bathrobe. Yes, fabrics made on this machine are comfortable, which particularly qualifies them for uses in leisurewear, home wear and underwear. Yet, with its panne velvet, the MPU 1.6 can also add a touch of glamour to take you from day to evening.

Technical features:

Single jersey

Plush / polarfleece

Sports & leisure
Home textiles


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 42″
Machine gauges [E]: 12 – 28
No. of feeders: 48 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 25 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 750

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