MBF 3.2

One of a kind for perfect plating of binding and ground yarn

The MBF 3.2 knits 3-thread fleece both separately as well as in combination with single jersey structures. Gouffre, piqué and mesh are just a few of the single jersey structures the machine has in store.

The MBF 3.2 features a double sinker guidance making the machines highly efficient. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, sinker lines do not occur in the fabric produced, a fact that is also due to the double sinker guidance.

An exclusive Mayer & Cie. speciality is the collection of the binding yarn by the fleece yarn. In contrast to common procedure, the fleece yarn is not positioned in the needle hook. This means it may come in nearly unlimited thicknesses.

Another of the machine‘s strong points is its ability to knit 3-thread fleece in combination with single jersey structures.

The MBF 3.2 finds its application whenever fabrics for outer wear and sports and leisure wear are needed. The machine has definitely made its mark in this field, especially when it comes to 3-thread fleece.

Technical features:

Single jersey

Binding thread lining

Sports & leisure


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 36″
Machine gauges [E]: 12 – 24
No. of feeders: 96 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 33 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 990

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