An expert in rib, 8-lock and interlock structures in special frame sizes

Flexible to the finest detail
With its 2.2 feeders per inch the D4 2.2 X achieves a very high level of productivity for fine rib and many other rib structures. Fine gauge up to E40 is also part of the D4 2.2 X’s repertoire. The machine’s 3-hole ceramic yarn guide is wear-free and contributes to its high flexibility. The D4 2.2 X also offers elastomeric plating.

The HPI version: From rib to interlock
In the HPI version the D4-2.2 II is a mass producer of smooth interlock fabrics. This version comes with 4.4 feeders per inch. At 30 inches that is 132 feeders at an impressive 34 rpm – a level of productivity unequalled anywhere in the world. The D4 2.2 HPI processes both filament and fibre yarns in interlock production. The central stitch adjustment makes it child’s play to use.

Spacer fabric with a wide range of choices
On the D4 2.2 X, spacer fabric can be knitted with the finest gauges and either with all of the needles or with a 1:1 selection of needles. The machine also offers elastomer plating options. The elastomeric yarn can be platted both in the cylinder and in the dial tube. The D4 2.2 X also has an optimised yarn supply that helps to prevent fluctuations in tension during delivery. 

A wide range of fabric widths in all 8-lock structures
The D4 2.2 X is available in open width, industry and giant frames of up to 48 inches. Depending on the frame, fabric rolls with a diameter of 520 mm, 920 mm and 1,250 mm can be manufactured. Fabric rolls rolled on an open width frame have diameters of 280 mm, 330 mm and 600 mm. Fabric widths range from 1,905 mm to 2,750 mm. The machine is easy to convert, using a conversion kit to change a machine for the production of rib, spacer, 8-lock, fine gauge on 2.2 feeders per inch into a specialist at producing plain jersey interlock with filament and fibre yarns.

Interlock fabrics can be produced on several Mayer & Cie. circular knitting machines.

Technical features:

Double Jersey

distance knitted fabric
Fine rib / structures
Interlock / structures

Leisure & sports
Underwear & nightwear
Technical textileses


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 48″
Machine gauges [E]: 14 – 32
No. of feeders: 66 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 38 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 1140

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