Greeting from the management

“The biggest mistake you can make in life is always to be afraid of making a mistake.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dear Reader,

Always one step ahead, that is what it says in the mission statement of our company. This lead wants to be earned. It requires experience, foresight and courage. After all, not all of our innovations, both technical and entrepreneurial, have been successful. Certainly, we regularly set standards, be it with electronic single needle selection or relative technology. Every once in a while however, a creation vanishes in the basement, perhaps to be excavated years later. Yet, every single one has encouraged us to keep going ahead.

This we do by broadening our basis. As the textile machinery market has traditionally been subject to great fluctuations, we have relied on second pillars for decades. Since 2019, these are braiding machines for the production of reinforcements for high-pressure hoses, which we produce and distribute at our headquarters in Albstadt.

We go on ahead by focusing more on digital opportunities. With knitlink, we presented a platform at ITMA 2019 that will soon enable knitters to collect and evaluate the performance data of their machines. This is just the beginning; knitlink is to provide machine knowledge and Mayer & Cie.’s experience to the benefit of the customers and their success.

We go on ahead because, regardless of trends and fads, we believe in solid, precise workmanship “made in Germay”. It forms the heart of a Mayer & Cie. knitting machine, on which our customers have always been able to rely.