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Since 1905

traditionally future-oriented

When eight men founded the “United Mechanical Workshops Mayer & Cie.” in 1905, an emperor still ruled in Germany.
Two world wars, an economic miracle and a revolution in information technology lie between then and now.
In more than a century, our company lived through many vicissitudes, too.
However, some things never change: diligence and perseverance, ingenuity and customer orientation have always distinguished
Mayer & Cie. Best look and browse for yourself.


History Book

2016 - Mayer & Cie.


In 2016, the circular knitting machine manufacturer Mayer & Cie. turned 111 years old.
A remarkable anniversary: for one thing, the company looks back on a long history. For another, this number describes three important positions that Mayer & Cie. holds again today: market leader, technology leader and innovation driver. Three times first place – 111 flat.

On the occasion of this special anniversary, we have reprocessed the history of Mayer & Cie. and compiled it in a history book. It is also available for download as PDF (21 MB in German).