Upgrade Kit machine control I (for braiding machines with driveshaft system and haul off MC 1)

Ensure long-term machine availability

State-of- the-art drive system with servo motors replaces driveshaft systems.

Mayer & Cie. offers a machine control upgrade kit for braiding machines with driveshaft system and haul off unit MC 1. The kit replaces the existing haul off unit with an MC 2. Then, the driveshaft system can be converted into the state-of-the-art servo motor system*.

*Upgrade kits must be purchased from
a Mayer & Cie. technicians to be installed

Your benefits

The upgrade kit inlcudes a new control cabinet and control panel as well as a new cable set containing all actors and sensors of a current machine. After having installed the update, your braiding machine features an entirely new drive system. It is accompanied by our current lubrication system. Needless to say, the kit also comprises all necessary hardware components such as enclosures and sheets.

Security of investment.

Reliable machine availability.

Easy-to-use servo drive system for continuous adaptation of pitch length.

Lower maintenance due to the elimination of gear boxes and drive shaft.

Ready for industry 4.0: Machine data collection and remote maintenance.

Compliance with CE standard.

Available for

Your investment

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