Relanit 3.2 S

The whole world of Single Jersey structures with Relative Technology

The Relanit 3.2 S knits all single jersey structures reliably with up to four needle tracks, for example piqué and double piqué, structured single jersey and two-thread fleece. 

The soft yarn deflection and an energy saving knitting technology help save where classical knitting machines with horizontal sinker technology meet their limits. 

Be it clothing for leisure and sports, underwear or sleepwear, fabrics for the automotive industry and for home textiles – the relative technology is at home wherever single jersey structures are produced efficiently and sustainably. 

All advantages of the relative technology at an amazingly attractive price. 

Our “cash box” for your production!!

Technical features:

Single jersey

Single-Jersey Plain & Structures

Sports & leisure
Underwear & nightwear
Home textiles


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 38″
Machine gauges [E]: 18 – 32
No. of feeders: 96 at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 40 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF): 1200

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