OV 3.2 QCe

The premium solution for the production of double jersey structures

The OV 3.2 QCe is a machine for double jersey structures. It is easy to convert, using a conversion kit to change the machine for the production of 8-lock, spacer, fine gauge on 3.2 feeders per inch into a specialist at producing plain jersey
interlock with filament and fibre yarns.

The OV 3.2 QCe is available in open-width, industry and giant frames of up to 48 inches. Depending on the frame,
fabric rolls with a diameter of 520 mm, 920 mm and 1,250 mm can be manufactured. Fabric rolls rolled on an open width frame have diameters of 280 mm, 330 mm and 600 mm. Fabric widths
range from 1,905 mm to 2,750 mm.

Sports, leisure and outerwear fabrics are the general application fields for this well proven machine.

The OV 3.2 QCe belongs to Mayer & Cie.‘s best-selling double jersey machine series – find out why for yourself.

Technical features:

Double Jersey

distance knitted fabric
Interlock /structures

Sports & leisure 


Diameter [inch]: 30″ – 36″
Machine gauges [E]: 18 – 40
No. of feeders: 96 feeders at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 25 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF) [feeders per min.]: 1050

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