Spare parts service
Just like the Mayer & Cie. machines, Mayer & Cie. spare parts set standards: for durability, reliability and efficiency.

Customers who use original Mayer & Cie. know why. They can rely on fast and reliable delivery. Original spare parts customers particularly benefit from:

  • The reliable high quality of the parts
  • Their long service life
  • Their 100% compatibility with the Mayer machine in question.

Use original Mayer & Cie. spare parts and you can be sure of:

  • Short downtimes
  • High investment value retention
  • The longest possible service life of your Mayer machine.

Ordering in the webshop
In the course of 2022, we will welcome you to our web shop. There, you will be able to order spare parts and consumables comfortably and without language barriers or limited business hours. This web shop is part of knitlink, our platform for collecting and evaluating machine data as well as further digital services.

Customized parts packages
Know the feeling when you urgently need a spare part that isn’t readily available?  No more of that with Mayer & Cie. spare parts packages customized for your machine(s). We make sure you always have the right spare parts and consumables readily at hand.

Mayer & Cie. spare parts packages are available in a large and small option. They help you make sure your circular knitting machine is up and running.