What we offer

A global market and technology leader in circular knitting. A family firm, owner-managed in the fourth generation. These are our hallmarks and that is what we offer you. It is reflected in our “leading edge,” “innovative” and “family” values.

We are leading edge in two senses: in our technology and our international market environment. For you that means a wide range of exciting tasks both commercial and technical. To be innovative is the key to maintaining this leading position. That is why we invest a large and above-average amount of money in research and development. The Mayer & Cie. Group of Companies holds well over 300 patents, to which another four or so are added every year. Ground-breaking developments such as electronic individual needle selection or, recently, spinitsystems spinning and knitting technology were pioneered by Mayer & Cie.

Because leading requires openness for new ideas and continuous learning we offer our employees regular training courses. At the same time we call on our employees to tell colleagues about their work at informal information events such as Lunch & Learn. We aim to learn from our employees and to find out their views and ideas. That is why we have an employee suggestion scheme and practise the open-door principle.

All of this joins up to constitute our family value – as do our team outlook, our co-operative working atmosphere and our strong identification with the company. This very special attitude can be experienced day by day at the workplace – and at the annual summer festival, at lunch in the works canteen and in keeping fit at the fitness studio. All of this is either supported by the Management or fully financed by it as part of the company’s health management facilities.