MJ 0.8 ER

An authority in striped coarse gauge single jersey fabrics

The MJ 0.8 ER combines stripes with single jersey structures. They come easily on this electronic jacquard machine; the secret lies in the machine‘s 3-way technology. Processing a wide range of coarse and fancy yarns, the MJ 0.8 ER will deliver metre after metre of your desired striped fabric in continually high quality.

This machine‘s charm lies in the mix of its powers: It produces coarse gauges and long stitches in combination with stripes. By coarse gauges, we mean gauges starting at E4 going up to E12. And when we say stripes, we are talking about up to six different colours. This is thanks to this machine‘s automated striper. Not to forget long stitches, which may reach a length of up to 8.8 mm.

The MJ 0.8 ER‘s capability for fancy fabrics comes in combination with the well-known solidity of a real Mayer. It features the long tried and trusted electromagnetic single needle selection that cuts the machine‘s operating costs significantly.

With its stripes, coarse gauges and long stitches, knits made by the OVJA 0.8 ER are an eye-catcher. They are best used in outerwear, in sweaters and pullovers or protective gear for classics or hockey. After all, it would be a pity to hide them.

Technical features:

Single jersey

Electronic Jacquard

Sports & leisure


Diameter [inch]: 30″
Machine gauges [E]: 4 – 12
No. of feeders: 24 feeders at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 20 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF) [feeders per min.]: 600

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