MCPE 2.4

You name it, MCPE 2.4 knits it: shear plush, multi-coloured plush or just YOUR plush

Fashion and high fashion
Looking for a machine to knit a glamorous evening gown? Or a classy jersey shirt with a shear plush application? Congrats, you’ve found the machine to do it all: the MCPE 2.4. With a fine ground thread and high-low structures, it knits fabrics with transparent and fine plush areas. Patterns come as desired, stressing the fabric’s luxurious look and feel. With a thicker ground thread, the MCPE 2.4 may be the creator of a t-shirt bearing a fancy shear plush application. If you believe in colours, this machine will pose no limits to your philosophy: The shear plush can come in all the colours of the rainbow, either on a shirt in any of the plush colours or on a single jersey of an entirely different colour. With the MCPE 2.4 the choice is yours.

Shoe uppers
Be it a fashionable leisure shoe or comfy knitted slippers – it is all in the MCPE 2.4. With this machine’s highly abrasion-resistant shear plush, there are very few limits to your ideas in colour patterns. That’s hardly surprising, taking into account that this machine works with up to 22 colours in one stitch course. High-low effects are a child’s play with the MCPE’s loop-free areas and zero loop technique. Loop height is 3.2 millimetres.

The days when carpets came only off the peg are long gone.
A personalised plush floor covering for a wedding, a company anniversary or booth at a trade fair is not beyond reach.
Anything but: with the MCPE 2.4 there are very few limits in terms of colour combinations and size of your very own carpet. Plush produced on the MCPE 2.4 is a robust piece of fabric, tightly knit and highly resistant to abrasion. So even if your event is a sweeping success
and your MCPE 2.4 carpet gets heavily trampled on, it is likely to last longer than your own fond memories.

Seat covers in cars, trains, buses or planes have something in common. Every day, they are heavily used. Their cover fabrics need to be robust and extremely resistant to abrasion. All of this applies to the material that the MCPE 2.4 produces. Almost any type of pattern in full plush – from logos to patterns in your company colours – is possible on this machine. Just like high-low effects with multi-colour zero loops. Or even a ground thread displaying a tuck structure for
a truly exceptional pattern. Whichever one of the many options you choose, the MCPE 2.4 makes sure it will not be for the seats on the sidelines.

Home textiles
Design of home textiles is as diverse as peoples’ tastes. Still, the MCPE 2.4 will surely appeal to many of them. Its plush patterns with loop heights of 3.2 millimetres look very becoming on sofas, armchairs and even curtains. On the latter, vertical stripes, including transparent and opaque areas, are the order of the day and easily done with finer ground threads and any colour(s) for the plush areas. For sofas and armchairs, a thicker ground thread, high-low effects and zero loops offer a wide variety of patterning possibilities. And, not to forget: kids, dogs, friends and family all love their sofa. It is good news that the MCPE 2.4’s colourful shear plush is very robust and long lasting.

Leisure wear
Hanging out at home, there’s nothing to beat snug jersey pants and a sweater? Maybe, but leisure wear made of shear plush by the MCPE 2.4 is just as comfy. Plus the fabric has a somewhat different, more luxurious touch to it and in colder weather, a plush sweater
definitely keeps you warmer. As the MCPE 2.4 offers full plush with up to 22 colours in one stitch course, home wear may also become quite colourful. Just as likely, it may carry anything from an emblem to your logo for a sporty chic look.


Technical features:

Single jersey

Electronic Jacquard
Multi color plush
Plush / polarfleece

Home textiles
Shoe uppe


Diameter [inch]: 26″ – 34″
Machine gauges [E]: 18 – 22
No. of feeders: 72 feeders at 30″
Speed up to [rpm]: 18 rpm at 30″
Speed factor (SF) [feeders per min.]: 540

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