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Mayer & Cie. has the right machine for all standard applications.


Three ways to find the right machine

  • Select Machine Type if you already know the name of the machine.

  • Select Application if you are looking for the right machine for a specific use.

  • Select Single Jersey or Double Jersey in accordance with the structures you want to produce.


Machine type
all Machine typeD4-2.2 IID4-3.2 IIFS 2.0FV 2.0IG 3.2 QCInovit 2.0 QCInterrib 4-1.6 R QCIV 2.0MBF 3.2MCPE 2.4MJ 3.2 E DNSMLPX 1.6MPU 1.6MV 4-3.2 IIOV 3.2 QCeOV 3.2-6MOVJA 1.6 EOVJA 1.6 E (3WT)OVJA 1.6 EEOVJA 1.6 EMOVJA 1.6 EROVJA 1.6 ETOVJA 1.6 ET (3WT)OVJA 1.6 ETROVJA 1.6 ETR (3WT)OVJA 2.4 ERelanit 1.6 ERelanit 1.6 ERRelanit 1.6 R QCeRelanit 2.4 ERelanit 4.0S4-3.2 IIS4-3.2 R IITechnit D3OVJA 0.8 EOVJA 0.8 ERRelanit 3.2 SD4-2.2 XRelanit 3.2 HSOVJA 1.6 EM HSMPU 1.6 EMJ 0.8 EMJ 0.8 ERInterrib 4-1.6 QCRelanit 2.4 SE
all ApplicationSwimwearSport & LeisureUnderwear & NightwearOuterwearHome textilesAutomotiveTechnical textilesShoe UpperMattress Cover
Single Jersey
all Single JerseySingle-Jersey plain / StructureMeshPlush / Polar fleece3-thread-fleece-structureFine gaugeElektronic-JacquardStriperBodysizeMini Jacquard
Double Jersey
all Double JerseyDouble face / MattressSpacerFine gaugeElektronic-JacquardTransferStriperRib / StructureInterlook / Structure Bodysize

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