Blue Competence is a sustainability initiative of the VDMA and Mayer & Cie. is committed as a member of the initiative to the fulfilment of resilient standards and criteria. They include the following:

  • Responsibility for and awareness of sustainable activity are firmly anchored in the aims of our corporate management.

  • We have defined targets for our products and employees that presuppose sustainable action by everyone.

  • Our service offering includes professional advice on energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

  • Blue Competence is an intrinsic part of our management system.

For us as a circular knitting machine manufacturer this means, for example, that a new development must be not only profitable but also sustainable. We aim to achieve more while making less use of our resources.p>

The Blue Competence Initiative ensures transparency and makes orientation easier. If you are looking for a sustainable product from a company that pursues sustainable policies you need look no further than for a member of this initiative.