ITMA 2019: Three Questions about ITMA to Wolfgang Müller, Michael Tuschak and Axel Brünner

From Sales and Product Management we hear from Wolfgang Müller, Head of Sales & Service, Michael Tuschak, Head of Sales and Service Spinit, and Axel Brünner, Head of Product and Service Center, about their personal ITMA experiences.

1. Which was the first ITMA you attended, for Mayer & Cie. or for another company?

Michael Tuschak:I first visited ITMA as a student in Hannover in 1991.
Wolfgang Müller: My first ITMA was in Birmingham in 2003.
Axel Brünner: I have been a regular attendee with Mayer & Cie. since the 1991 ITMA in Hannover and it has always been a great pleasure.

2. What does the ITMA mean for you personally?

Axel Brünner
ITMA is not only of interest when it actually takes place. At Mayer & Cie. it governs what we do for at least three years beforehand. It is a key factor in defining developments insofar as that has not already been done and in then actively helping to shape them as they progress. ITMA itself is then the highlight among trade fairs that deal with large-scale textile production. We see what’s new, meet the ‘entire known world’ and new customers too. ‘We’ is a very important ITMA factor. It means the entire team – a team that demonstrates a high level of commitment and ability to compromise.
Michael Tuschak: ITMA is a very special highlight every four years. You work toward it at high pressure for ages, then it takes place, and every time being there again and presenting the new products to international trade visitors is a highlight. Many longstanding companions and friends are usually there too and we meet, share news and views and generally have a good time.
Wolfgang Müller:
ITMA (Europe) is the Olympics of textile machine engineering. It is where all manufacturers show and give of their best. ITMA, unlike trade fairs some of which are regional, is an electrifying international meeting point where innovations are exhibited and further ideas on future innovations are discussed. ITMA is also a barometer of the current state of the global textile sector and the performance of our competitors. Mostly, however, ITMA is also a meeting ‘among friends’ who have known each other for years and, in some cases, for decades. ITMA is also the event at which Mayer & Cie. can present itself as a united family. Nowhere else does such a team spirit come about, and not only during the fair itself; it prevails at Mayer & Cie. for quite some time once ITMA is over.

3. What was your personal ITMA highlight?

Wolfgang Müller:
The 2011 ITMA in Barcelona. For Mayer & Cie. it was the first ITMA after the restructuring in September 2009. The challenge was to present with a much smaller team and a very limited budget the image of a world market leader in such a way that our customers and competitors could see without a doubt that ‘Mayer is back – and stronger than ever!’ It was also the first ITMA at which I was in charge of organising and handling sales – for me, then, a premiere in that role, as it were.
Axel Brünner: At ITMA we as a world market leader can present with pride some of the latest developments. That really is an absolute highlight!
Michael Tuschak: My highlight was the 2015 ITMA in Milan with MCT. Together with the team we had a great success with the Spinit Showcase and we were also among the first three winners of the ITMA Award. That was a great experience for which I am most thankful!


Wolfgang Müller, Mayer & Cie. Circular Knitting Machines

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Michael A. Tuschak, Mayer & Cie. Circular Knitting Machines


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