Digitization at Mayer & Cie.: Customers are to be the main beneficiaries

Digitization is a topic that no company can afford to ignore nowadays. It does, however, cover a wide range of processes from which each company must find the right solution for its needs. That, says Sebastian Mayer, the member of the Management in charge of corporate development, is why “there is no such thing as digitization per se; there are different areas in which it can be of relevance for us as an engineering company. They include, for example, digitization of production and the value chain, digitization of the organisation and of collaboration, and digitization of the product itself. Each angle has different challenges and benefits. Within this framework every company must decide for itself what makes sense and when.”

Mayer & Cie. has already taken the first step: identifying approaches that are meaningful and relevant for itself. They consist mainly of ensuring data quality and continuity on the basis of sustainable future-oriented technologies. The huge amount of “head knowledge” at the company, a result of employee loyalty, is of special importance. “Think of employees who started at the firm as fitters over 30 years ago and now perform management tasks,” Sebastian Mayer says. “They are walking encyclopaedias of machine and customer knowledge. This valuable knowledge ought to be readily accessible for all employees.”

Mayer & Cie. has laid the technical groundwork for change by introducing a new ERP system. It is the indispensable basis for all other services that the company would like to provide. The firm’s customers are to be the main beneficiaries, which is why the focus at Mayer & Cie. is on improving customer satisfaction. This includes remote technical support and setting up a Web shop. In future, all these measures will lead to a comprehensive customer portal where customers can access centrally anything they need to know about their machines and communicate with Mayer & Cie. or its representatives.

Taking digitization forward is one of Sebastian Mayer’s core tasks.


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