At Mayer & Cie. we look back on a long and successful tradition. Not for nothing are we now the leading brand in the circular knitting machine market. It is the combination of a clear claim to deliver performance and a corporate culture that is unique. It is our values that keep us together, today as much as in the past – and in the future.

Leading edge in circular knitting technology.

Innovative in the further development of our products, our means of production, our materials and our style of leadership.

A family in internal relations,

based on partnership in external relations.

Sustainable overall.

Leading edge:
We go on ahead:
Mayer & Cie. is a world market and technology leader. We aim to ensure that this continues to be the case.

We claim to be ahead of the competition; our aim is to respond to emerging requirements with the right solutions.

We have the courage to go on ahead, to take the lead and to shape the market to some extent ourselves. We are convinced that we can succeed in doing so with committed and competent employees and with modern structures.

Future-safe thanks to innovation:

Mayer & Cie. stands for high-quality and innovative products. For over 100 years, we have continuously developed new technologies, opening up new lines of business. Our flexibility and ability to innovate give us consistency.

We will continue to build on them in the future. We aim to offer solutions that provide our customers with unique selling propositions in the face of competition. We want to set ourselves apart by means of products that are unique. In that way, we gain a lasting competitive edge and secure our future. Relying on our development site in Albstadt, we seek to maintain close ties with our customers and suppliers.

Sustainable economic success:
Economic success is not an aim in itself; it is the very foundation of our common future. By making prudent use of our resources, we seek to keep risks to a minimum and always to retain the power to act. Our focus is on long-term success. In the interest of the family firm that we are, we would like to be able to hand a sound company over to the next generation.

Maintain and expand our know-how:
Every company’s most valuable resource is its employees. In our industry, in particular the specific knowledge and tradition of the region play a very special role in the textile industry. To ensure that we continue to be able to succeed, this expertise must be maintained and expanded.

We train apprentices! We provide further training! We make sure of our future!

Reliable and honest:
What we want are satisfied customers who collaborate with us for many years. A “fast buck” is not what we want.

We can only act sustainably and securely in the market with a broad customer base. That is why a customer needs orientation is essential for what we do in our company. In a direct dialogue with our representatives and customers, we find out at first-hand what their requirements are.

We can only implement them together with competent and reliable suppliers. We aim to make use of their specific know-how to improve our products more and more.

100 percent family-owned,
100 percent family-managed:

The clear commitment of all the company’s partners is that we are 100 percent family-owned and we want to stay that way. The family and the company have grown over more than 100 years into a corporate family that includes, as we see it, both our employees and our longstanding trading partners and subsidiaries. We want to be an attractive employer for every member of this corporate family. Tolerance and fairness toward professional tasks and framework conditions as well as the personal situation of each and every employee determine our dealings with each other. We are convinced that only a well-functioning team can deliver the performance for which Mayer & Cie. stands.


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